While some of my students have majored in music or anticipated a career in music music after leaving my studio, most of them do not become professional musicians. My primary goal for all my students – both future musicians and recreational players – is for them to enjoy music so much that they want to continue playing on their own even after they stop taking lessons. This requires that they develop both a love of music and the tools to create it. With this goal in mind, I try to give my students a solid foundation in music performance, interpretation, technique, and theory. I expose them to a wide variety of styles, including jazz, rock, hymns, and various other forms of popular music according to their interests. I teach sight-reading so they can approach new pieces on their own, and we play duets so they can learn to play with others.

At the same time, I do my best to make lessons enjoyable. I use games and manipulables to capture the imagination of young students and apps and Internet resources to capitalize on the digital fluency of older students. While my attitude toward teaching music is rigorous, my attitude toward my students is always affectionate and respectful. Since learning best takes place in an atmosphere of relaxed concentration, I try to create a focused but non-judgmental environment where a maximum amount of learning can occur along with a healthy dose of laughter.

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