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Exercises for note identification, key signature identification, interval identification, scale identification, chord identification and much more. All exercises are customizable. Contact me for specific assignments.

After learning the notes and rhythm or a piece, many students find it helpful to listen to a recording. YouTube has recordings of most of the pieces I assign, although the quality will vary. Try to find recording made by professional musicians or music educators.

Another way to use YouTube is as an assistant to playing by ear. Find a recording of a relatively simple piece that you like. Go to Settings (the wheel in the right, lower corner) and slow the recording to 0.5. Then listen carefully and try to reproduce on your own piano what you hear in the recording. Focus on just a note or two, paying attention to the rhythm, and slowly add notes, first in the left hand and then in the right. You can go as far as you like, learning the whole piece if you have enough patience.

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